09 April 2019

fasting failure

A day off. 
Two, in fact. 

Dry fasting is no joke. 
You have to be super prepared. 

My pulse was down 
in the 40s while resting. 
And I was dizzy at work. 

So I had snake juice 
And ate once I got home. 

I’ve been working so hard
So many long hours
I just was not ready. 
Back to OMAD. 

Here’s a question for you. 
If you were paid to sit in a chair. 
Would you take the job? 
Is it a dream job? 
Or a nightmare?

I can’t imagine how I feel
So mixed about this Hard Case. 

It’s like I’ve adopted someone’s 
Version of the truth 
About what “should” or shouldn’t be allowed. 

Like the old story of a borrowed goal. 

Two neighbors live side by side. 
One bought a boat. 
He and his whole family loved it
And used it every week. 
They couldn’t wait to use it. 

Soon enough, the neighbor 
bought a boat as well. 

His boat just sat there. 
They used it once or twice
A year. 
But it was like a burden. 
Their boat just took up space. 

See? The second guy 
really didn’t want a boat. 
He wanted something. 
Prestige? Competition?

I don’t really mind if the mom 
Takes advantage of me. 
Taking care of babies is easy enough. 
I don’t care what she does. 
Not in an apathetic way. 
I just really don’t mind
Anything she does. 
The case will end soon enough. 
The babies are getting better every day. 

1 comment:

  1. As a nurse, I’m not one to judge another person’s lifestyle choices.
    I don’t really care if the mom sleeps all day. I’ll be gone from there soon enough.


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