11 April 2019

I need a vacation

So much to do before vacation. 

Fixing this and that...
Got the lawn mower going 
And the security camera up -
Both with Pete’s help. 

Always feed your workers. 
Feed them well. 

More Chinese Food Buffet. 
I’m crazy about Shanghai Chicken. 

Lots of laundry to fold. 
Just in time for the cat 
to have a nice bed. 

Yours Truly 
And the return of the short short hair. 
Before and After. 

I don’t use styling tools
And don’t want to blow dry my hair. 
If Product (gel) can’t get it done,
It simply won’t get done. 

This suits me better. 
As long as I stay at or under 150. 

Not sure where I leaned to count. 
Well, lol, the point is 
I’m going to drive away
On Tuesday morning 
Early like a Kidd Kraddick shift. 

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