03 April 2019

fast times

CoHabitation is just not easy. 
You have to care
And be committed 
To making it work. 

It just doesn’t work out magically 
Without effort. 

If you do anything proactively - 
Like to save money for a goal -
Like to travel -
it makes it easier. 

It’s better to do something 
because you WANT to
Instead of waiting until you HAVE to. 

I decided to move in with new people 
After the November elections of 2016. 

Better to be safe than sorry
In uncertain times. 

And everyone knows 
It’s Better To Travel. 
*Swing Out Sister*

So I’m doing one last
 big fast before my trip. 
The psychology is that I want to 
Break 150. Or better. 
145 is my Army Weight
Adjusted for age. 

I’ve been having 3 protein shakes a day
Plus a meal. To heal my leg wound. 
I was kicked by a toddler
Exactly on a blister. 
How do they know where to kick? 
They just do. 
Little ankle biters! Lol. 

The bathroom gets a fresh coat of paint. 

His and Hers and sometimes Theirs. 

Talked to my wireless company
To get increased coverage 
And roaming in the desert. 
On a (airquotes) Unlimited Plan. 

GPS works since it is satellite based. 
And does not depend on cell coverage. 

Also downloaded YouTube playlists
Can be cached. And podcasts. 

I am so sorry to leave the Hard Case. 
But I’m a firm believer in 
Nurses choosing jobs that are
In line with their physical abilities. 

A nurse has got to know her limitations,
To quote Dirty Harry. 

And the Hard Case pushes mine. 
Frankly, I do not like getting up early
Every day. Being at work at 0630...
Taking care of two special needs kids...
I can... but I don’t want to. 

There are easier cases that don’t 
Leave you feeling like ...

Oh yes. 
14 days!

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