07 April 2019

one weak moar

That feeling when you think you’ve escaped 
And you’re safe. 
But no; you brought yourself with you
And you can’t escape. 
Just change. 

Ready willing and able. 

I changed my patient’s sheets
3 times the other day. 
3 complete bed baths 
And change of clothing. 

The g button kept leaking. 
Ahhhhh- no! 
It was being pulled. 
Pulled out. 
By the little patient herself. 

‘Twas Ever Thus. 

Got a Triple Meat Hamburger. 
Organized the numbers 
While I waited. 

Gave the food to a homeless guy. 
He needs it more than I do. 

Still drinking protein shakes 
Three times a day 
To close and heal my leg wound. 

Oh- the irony of having a 
Wound Care Nurse 
With a wound. Lol. 

Soaking up some extra heat. 
Best seats in the house. 

My expression when all the apps 
On my new iPhone read my face
And opened up and validated themselves.

I am uncharacteristically
Not in love with my job these days. 
Probably because 
I resent people taking unfair advantage. 
Namely, of me. 

But, I digress. 
Keep yourself focused on the prize. 
Nine days. 

I think I’ll cancel the vacation 
And get a hotel room
And room service 
And just sleep. 
Just kidding. Lol. 


  1. It’s rotten to find out that people you thought you knew and loved- are just mean and really don’t care. I guess it’s not rotten. It’s good.
    Like finding out that bread is actually not good for you. It’s not even neutral. It’s downright bad for you. And fruit. We think it’s our salvation. It’s really a curse -to many. Insidious weight gain follows.

  2. It sounds like you have been having a rough go of it lately. I hope the vacation allows you time to recharge and take care of YOU. You are worth it my friend.


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