17 April 2019

Kevin and Doug’s place

Finally made it to Albuquerque!
Trader Joe’s gave me this nice bag for free. 

Ho Ho! 

Trekkie wanted me to 
show off her new shoes. 
Pretty, no? 

The irresistible smell of lilacs
Fill the foothills of Albuquerque. 

Yes. That is the moon. 

Lol. That’s also the double moon! 
The hosts are married men. 
So refreshing so be out 
And free with openly gay people. 
Celebrating their sexuality. 

The chickens were “totes adorbs”
They even have a cat 
Who doesn’t want
 anything to do with me. 

Cold and rainy here.  
Broody. Moody. 
Just the way I like it. 
After this, no more rain is forecast. 

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