07 April 2019

saturday in the park

Everything we’ve ever learned before 
about anything - is wrong. 
People still teach
-and believe- 
Old, outdated misinformation. 

They fight till the death (literally)
To keep their sugar, breads, and booze. 
I get it. It’s not easy to let it go. 
Even when the evidence
Is written all over your face. 

New camera fun. 

Once you have people that are used
To getting paid for doing nothing
But showing up and sitting on their
Fat asses (I didn’t stutter!)

It’s really hard to get them to change. 
They still leave shit everywhere. 
Like they’re waiting for the maid to show up. 
Or maybe the wet nurse. 
She can come change their diaper. 

The bitter truth is 
That people can be lazy and mean, 
And they act like a bag of dicks. 

But I’m ok with that. 
This world is “dog eat dog” 
For sure.

I’ll keep looking forward to my trip. 
I once had faith in nurses. 
I thought they cared. 
That is something that I 
am now correcting. 
They don’t always care. 
They show up and get paid. 
And their minds are far away. 

Not the dark side -per se-
Just waiting for my day in the sun. 

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  1. For some reason this didn’t show up till Sunday. Lol. So Sunday on the Park.


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