02 April 2019

Till Eulenspiegel

My favorite character from 
Most stories of Literature. 
The one guy whose very presence 
Means that Spring is finally here. 

My fave hobby. 

I hate to say it. 
But the facts stand alone. 
Booze keeps ya awake. 
It does not help with sleep at all. 

Live and learn. 

People say “Try and go
30 days without complaining.
And see how it changes your life.” 

Well, I’m just stating a fact.
Not complaining. 
Most of the time, I cook much better 
Than many of the places I eat at.
Just the facts. 

Hours and hours on the phone to Apple. 
About an Apple iPhone. 
Finally fixed the Mac,
The iPad, the old phone
And the new phone. 

And the iCloud, 
Which holds my Love Doves pictures. 

I didn’t want to update the new OS
Until I knew her pictures are secure. 

All this time, I’ve had the X
But still am using an iPhone 6. 
6S + 

I was lucky because I got ahold of 
A Senior Consultant 
Who just happened to be on call
At 630 pacific time. 
He fixed my whole platform. 

The guys will be done with the bathroom 
In record time. 
Then no more construction 

It’s been going on since last November 
In one form or another. 

So I went to the office. 
Ended up in tears. 
Which I wasn’t planning to do. 
But they just leaked out. 

When you want to cry 
before going to work, 
It’s time to quit. 

I took the day off, 
And got organized. 
And secured for myself
A new full time case. 
My Muslim Family
Wants me full time. 
And that’s what I want, too. 

Two weeks from this very day,
I will be heading to the west 
For my vacation. 
To commemorate 10 years of low carb living, 
And 10 years of weight loss and maintenance. 
What a journey this has been! 

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