19 June 2018

one moar day

Traffic is bad at 5 am and 10 pm. 

These cars won’t eat the raw food. 
They act like they’re dying. 
The need an aCATamy award! 

So one more day. 
Maybe 2. Maybe. 

I’m fine with it. 
I have really low expectations. 
The bad guys who stole my car
Ran it out of gas. 
So now, the nice guys at Gerber Collison 
Put gas in it, and test drove it. 
They say it’s good to go! 

Carbs have so much water. 
And they use water. 
I miss them but it’s really better this way. 
Grasses are for ruminants. 


  1. What nonsense. How can they say your car is ok if they've not even driven it!!!
    Plus, the gas was taken as part of the theft so insurance should at least put in enough for you to get the car home.
    So ridiculous. I honestly hate the insurance industry.

  2. Turns out I spoke too soon! They got their wires crossed or had to give their heads a shake or something!!
    New rims. New tires. Detailed. With gas.
    Now to negotiate the contents!

  3. Oh yeah- and now the shop guy wants a Subaru!
    They are fun to drive.


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