10 June 2018


Goat Meat and Rice

Fried Spicy Lentil Bread 
Aka “OMG”

Spicy Chicken and Sauce 

Roti. Aka Bread

Carbs. Aka faints 

Hot Tea
Stronger than Coffee. 
In Ramadan, it’s common to stay up all night. 
There are prayers and festivities all night. 

This is the last week of Ramadan. 
That food. OMG. 

I didn’t manage to dry fast,
But I had water and Snake Juice. 
No food -OMAD- 
As usual, every day. 

I was in Germany in the Gulf War
At a General Hospital 
[NOT a MASH unit]
And the month of Ramadan was very slow. 
Very few casualties. 
Take down the curtains. 
Put back up the curtains. 
It was in April that year. 
And we finally got one day off! 

Speaking of war zones. 
It took nearly 3 hours to get home. 
They imploded a bridge. 
And traffic was rerouted. 
Everyone knew about it
Except for me and about
 100,000 other perplexed drivers. 
And apparently the traffic guys didn’t know,
Because they just let cars pile up 
Without blocking or redirecting
 the entrance ramps. 
Thank goodness for Satellite radio
And the Broadway channel. 

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