09 June 2018


Talk about “one of those days!”
Yesterday. Ugh. 
It was like wading through molasses. 
Fasting is boring sometimes. 
Waiting for the hunger to subside. 

I already took a walk this morning. 
Yesterday was just a day
Where getting through - was enough. 

I’m trying to get more sun in the day. 
And less light at night. 
Seen here in my backlit highlights. 

Cuz with the sun in the morning
And the moon in the evening- 
I’m all right! 
Name that show tune. Lol. 

So- I only wear glasses to drive. 
My vision has improved 
Every year on low carb. 
And I don’t even wear readers. 
“At my age!”

So now we wait. 
The doldrums of fasting. 

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