08 June 2018

crazy water

I feel like I’m just sitting waiting. 

Waiting for my car. 
Waiting for next week, 
When I can see my old case. 

Lost and Lonely Leftovers 
On the road home 
From Mineral Wells. 

I did absolutely nothing 
And I did it all day long! 

It’s nice to be able to pay back
People who made choices 
That changed everything in life...
And not exactly good for them - or you. 

People who move away or break up, 
And break promises 
Just because they can. 

It’s nice when they come back
And need some help-
And take some help...
It seems to be I’m getting very good 
At forgiving people. 

I am pretty passive, 
And never would have looked them up. 
But since they come to me, 
It must have taken some courage. 

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