15 June 2018

kabobs with pete

What a great idea! 
Kabobs on the grill! 

I bought this hibachi for a lake trip
But never used it. 

Some Beef - some Chicken. 

Nothing beats the smell and char
Of charcoal 

Foil packets right in the coals
For a win. 
This method is pretty awesome 

And afterwards, some piñon wood,
And fireside chit chat. 
Brooks, and I gave Pete 
A Nerdy lesson on how 
Interstate Highways are numbered. 
Lol. Nerd tag-team.  

We waited an hour and took our numbers. 
One hour PP I was 86! 
One hour PP, Pete was 137. 

I suspect I’m Insulin dumping. 
Too many indulgences! 

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