11 June 2018

Eid week

So the end of Ramadan is here. 
This is Daal. 
Part of this homecooked meal. 
The Muslims DRY FAST all day
Then feast at sundown. 

Easy easy homemade yogurt. 
Milk and a culture in the Instant Pot. 
Must try this. 

This little fried bread -
I don’t remember the name. 

It’s soaked and cooled in water
After frying. 

Then added to yogurt with Gram Masala. 
And Cilantro etc 

I wanted to like it 
But it was not my favorite. 
The texture was like a donut that broke off
In the coffee cup! 
The spices though! 

I wish you could smell how good
 this cabinet smells when you open it. 

This Fish is called Swai 
New to me. 

Call me a purist, 
But I don’t like preservatives 
Like Sodium Triphosphate. 

Swazi is a tropical fish...

Mustard Greens in a vinegar base. 
I ate this like a starving person
Who hasn’t been fed for a month. 

Store bought Hummus. 
I had never had hummus. 
Until this Ramadan. 

Roti. Homemade is best. 

The plated masterpiece! 
The family invited me to join them
For the Ramadan Dinner. 
They were even going to sit at the table
Instead of the floor (as they usually do)
Since I can’t do the floor. 
They sent me home with a plate to go. 

The lights of Eid at the Mosque. 
The Western mind can’t comprehend 
How important Ramadan is. 
It’s like Christmas, New Years, 
Thanksgiving, Easter, 
every family member’s birthday,
Valentines Day, etc etc
All in one month-long true celebration! 

Just like we don’t “get” the Hijab. 

And by golly
I got in over 3100 steps. 
Not ideal but none too shabby. 

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