03 June 2018

food for thought

Spicy Spicy Chicken and Goat

Lots of Spicy Rice
Bread (I like home made better)

And this Cool Cuke Yogurt 
OMG to put out the fire 

An Abaya and Hijab for Ramadan 

A different kind of Burka - 
Clothes that are too big,
And I hide inside. 

The Texas heat and the long work hours
I’m still doing OMAD. 
All the time on 24 hour Fasts 
With an occasional 48...
I never gained more than a pound or two
Even after 6 months. 
Of eating pretty much unrestricted. 

Still walking every chance I get. 
Still happy!

On this day 40 years ago,
I boarded a train and left home. 
And didn’t come back for like 9 years! 
The day after High School graduation. 
I guess I’m a late bloomer. 

Better late than never! 
Some people never bloom. 

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