04 June 2018

one day more

Red skies in the morning 

All giraffes take warning 

The “doctor” says me and my baby
Will be fine. 
(Doctor = Big Sister)

Here the good doctor 
Is checking my “hammers.”
Quoth she: “Auntie! 
Your hammers are fine!”
All in a days work. 

Ramadan treats last night

Not sure what this spicy concoction was
But I did eat it!

The body I was issued at birth-
The one I’ve abused for 50 years...
It can do something once. 
But not twice in a row. 

So I can get by with carbs once. 
But not 2 days in a row. 
Probably a build up of glycogen. 

Lovely wonderful rain. 
Please rain all over my parade. 
I love the rain. 
And you all!  

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  1. I've had indigestion for the past 2 d which unfortunately I have no choice but to blame on our lovely neighborhood sushi joint (that was my OMAD)... Seems like my body is closing various nutritional options to me as well.


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