27 June 2018

apple store

Lost and lonely leftovers 

Uptown is funky for sure. 

The Apple store couldn’t help me. 
They said I have to actually try and
 remember my password. 
Blonde or not. 
It’s the one thing I must do. 

The Band’s Visit
Is now playing!

Not mine! 
I can’t do cheap wine. 
It’s like cheap food. 
It just sits wrong with me. 
I guess it’s cheap for a reason. 


  1. You can force a reset of your phone but you'd lose anything not backed up. What password have you forgotten? The apple id one or the one for the actual phone?

  2. Apple ID
    Joseph the fat cat sat on my keyboard. And butt typed 1,000 letter “b”’s. Soooooo


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