05 June 2018

not quite dead

So I got to see Trekkie. 
Not quite dead. But...
Not quite viable. 

A joyride?
Or a crime?
Either way, it ended with a wreck. 

They knew how to do this. 
The fuse box. 
And the battery is dead. 

Completely trashed out. 
And all kinds of red dust. 
Like from bricks. 

Of course the iPod is gone. 
And the money and gift cards. 

They must’ve hit something 
Or drove through some bushes. 

Hit it pretty hard!
Even the rims are scratched up. 

My stuff is mostly there. 
I guess they were looking for drugs. 

They took my gum!
What kind of idiot chews stolen gum?

It finally hit me. 
I was so sad and depressed 
- And probably dehydrated - 
I went to bed early to just crash. 

Not dead. Not alive. 
Just like America lately. 


  1. At the end of the day, it's just STUFF. You are safe and stuff is replaceable. Take care of yourself because you are NOT replaceable my friend.

  2. Aw, I’m glad DPD recovered Trekkie, but sorry she’s trashed out... That’s an awful feeling, & all that’s happened to me was to have car stereo stolen years ago. Might be best to trade her in & start over?

  3. I know. You’re right. It’s just stuff.
    I guess it’s the sense of violation.
    The shock. Thinking everything is safe and sound, and finding out it is not. I think I’m adjusting. It just is unpleasant and it takes some time.
    Probably like quitting junk food. You make yourself do something you’re really not in love with doing.


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