07 June 2018

good news!

A day off! 
I’m so glad!

My pants off!
I’m so glad!

I’m losing inches like crazy 
But my weight is in 
The same range. 

Don’t know what this is 
But I’m glad!

So. My case from 1995
- a pediatric case then - 
I guess I spoke her back into existence!

I was with them over 11 years
On a daily basis. Amazing! 

So I went to work the other day 
And saw an ambulance pull up
To the nearby hospital. 
And my mind took me back
To this case I had so long ago. 

Turns out, that was probably her!
In the ambulance! 
Or if not, she was actually admitted 
To that very hospital that very day. 

Funny how the mind works. 

I get to see her Monday!
We’re having dinner. 
A family member reached out to me. 
I hope hope hope 
It works out that I can spend 
Some quality time with her 
and the family. 

Sudden departures leave room
For closure if you’re open 
to being forgiving. 

Closure - or a new chapter. 
If Harry Potter can have
Pages anf stories and chapters
AND BOOKS and series(es) -
Then so can we! 

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  1. I’ve been rewatching HP - guess I’m nostalgic w/son’s 20th BD coming up?
    But it’s hard when he’s misplaced my Order of the Phoenix DVD - AAAARRRGGGHHH!!!


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