13 June 2018

Eid day

So Ramadan is coming to a close. 
This has been a very busy month for me. 
I kept OMAD with no difficulty at all. 

Tomorrow I am scheduled for my labs. 
I do them every 6 months or a year. 
I want to see how my labs have changed 
With OMAD. And slightly more carbs. 
Atkins said once you are at your weight,
You can go up incrimentally 
Until you reach a maintenance
Amount of carbs. 
I still believe that LC is the healthiest diet. 
Low Carb High Fat. 

Processed foods and junk carbs
And especially gluten 
All have such inflammation. 
I think for me, the IF
[Intermittent Fasting]
Causes just enough autophagy 
To keep some of that under control. 

Too hot to cook. 
Too hot to eat hot food. 
Nice day for Cold Chicken Salad. 
Oops - might be a Grape in there!  Lol. 
This and a little Goat Cheese. Mmmm. 

The longer days mean less traffic. 
My drives are post rush hour. 
Never a dull moment on the
 Streets of the DFW! 

Trekkie is about to be discharged 
From the hospital. 
We shall see how that goes. 
They didn’t test the electrical system. 
And they don’t know how the bad guys
 the car. 
Seems they would want to know. 
But... they don’t care. 

Been getting good AM readings 
During Ramadan -
Rice, Corn, and Unleavened Bread
Do not raise my Blood Glucose. 
Yeast bread raises it like crazy. 

Maybe I am producing more Insulin. 

Have Hijab. Will Travel. 
I have never been treated 
With such genuine kindness 
And sincere love 
As my last month at the Mosque. 

People remembered my name. 
They showered me with gifts. 
They made sure I had everything 
I needed and wanted. 
It was a beautiful experience. 

Such logic and beauty
Everywhere in The Muslim culture. 
Even in the art and designs. 
I’m so glad I got over myself 
And went to learn about Islam. 

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