18 June 2018

a date with a car

Ahhhh the lovely skies of summer. 

It’s very nice to sit on the patio 
With my Ramadan lantern 
And eat. OMAD. 
When I get home. Best thing ever. 

I’m about 6 weeks out from vacation. 
Time to set the clock. 
And set the clock back. Lol. 
This was my BG first thing today. 
It needs to be down around 70
And I’ll know my glycogen stores are gone. 

Showing off my side view. 
My face exercises are paying off
No turkey neck. 😁

So Jake from State Farm called. 
He does sound hideous! 
He said Trekki is ready! 
The shop guy said there was no gas in it. 
So I asked how they could have 
POSSIBLY checked it out. 
And he was like 
So. We’ll see! 


  1. Please share these facial exercises? I am developing significant wattles, even worse since they’re asymmetric! (the L side of my neck where I had lymphatic dissection during thyroidectomy actually looks better than “unretouched” R side...

  2. With pleasure! I use a program called Facial Magic.
    But Face Yoga is also good. I’ll do a special blog post on it.


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