16 June 2018

happy Eid

Mango Dream Cloud

Not sure if this was Salad Dressing
That cool yogurt dressing 
Goes on anything. 

Chicken Brianni 

Goat Gyros on a stick 
Without the stick. 
Goat-stuffed little somethings

Tear off a bit of Rota / Naan
It’s a flatbread ...
And pick up some meat
And Viola! 

All I could think of was Narnia. 
This is Turkish Delight. 

Got my steps in. 
I try to do a brisk walk,
Some deep breathing 
And get some sunshine every day. 

Back in the habit...
I made a commitment to wear 
the Hijab during Ramadan. 
But they are so pretty 
I will probably just keep on wearing it. 

1 comment:

  1. I’m not happy Eid is over. But I’ll be glad to get back on track with my fasting.
    It was a wonderful trip to a once-forbidden culinary land. But the rice. Alas. We aren’t really set up for grasses. And grains are grasses. Tasty grasses. With lots of butter. Lol


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