22 June 2018


DCI does a hi definition simulcast 
A few times a year. 
Scores are coming in pretty good this year. 
I liked the Crown. 
But every one else like the Blooooo!
Pete liked the Cavaliers. 

The mall has an ice rink

Moist Brisket from Rudy’s 
Every one liked it! 

Ribs, Jalapeño Sausage 
And Moist Brisket 

OMG what a fun night. 

I’ve been very sad lately 
And I cried all during 
The Drum Corp Show. 

Later, I got up in the night 
To see if my car was still there. 
It was. 
I’m sure this a normal reaction 
To the helpless feeling
Of being robbed. 

Eating carbs again has made me moody 
And tearful and 
I have fuzzy teeth. 
So out they go. 

Just in time for my vacation! 
Guess where to? 
Winner gets a box of Kleenex. 
Only slightly used. 😪


  1. That is beautiful! Wherever it is - I wish I could go with you!'

  2. Me too! That would be awesome!

  3. I’m going to Portland, Oregon ...and Seattle, Washington.

    1. On my bucket list. Now my kids are "out of the house" I can plan a real trip every year :) This year I went to Washington DC. Next year I'm looking at Seattle/Vancouver.


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