06 May 2012

off we go

Rode down to Houston with Susan

Stopped at Buc-ee Beavers 
Drank Monsters... Life is good!

Tried to CarbNap the Mascot -
Spuds... but I thought better of it

Met up with some awesome LC peeps
Like Laura Dolson here (link)
It's a "Who's Who" list of Low Carb here!

A nice lady bought our little group this -

And at the Roast with Tom Naughton (link)
aka Fat Heat 

There was a Celery Root Mashed Potato dish
that was just really really really good.
People are still talking about it.

Atkins Berries and Cream

DoubleTree pool at night

And of course the Full Moon - 
A Super Moon last night

So far - this is a much fun as I could have had.
Oh - and then we sail out today!
Wow! Now off to stir up some fun - and coffee!
Wish you were here!
(I'd have you go get the coffee!)
Party smile


  1. I didn't realize you really were going on a LC cruise - I thought that just because you were going that YOU made it a lc cruise. How cool!

    Did you go into Houston from College Station? If so, that's my favorite Buc-ee Beavers!

    Have fun - can't wait to hear more....

  2. Wow, this is it, you are on the cruise adventure. I know you will have so much fun!!!!

  3. Hope your having a fantastic day!!

  4. It is cool how LC can get organized and have some effing fun with it! Whoo hoo enjoy enjoy!

  5. This is so fantastic. How much fun to meet all these special people ... and you're one of them.

    Bon Voyage.


  6. I thought of you on vacation when I saw that amazing "Super Moon" last night, Anne. What a great start to your trip.
    Bon Voyage!
    xo jj

  7. What a great start to your vacation! And how fun to be meeting all the LC movers n shakers. :-D

  8. Looks brilliant-enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!


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