21 May 2012

oh happy day

Went to a little function
After work the other day...

Nearby at the local church

Church Ladies

Then went home and had this!

I do love the bacon and eggs
I am trying to adhere to the lower fat -
Moderate protein version of my plan.....
But it is proving to be a challenge to be
Low Carb, Low Fat, and Low Protein.
Too few calories!

But I did lose some skin - from my tan....
So my diet is working!
In love


  1. Hiya Anne hot dog & pickles sounds like a great lunch

  2. Grilled hot dogs are the best!!! Yay to going to a function! You deserve fun times!

  3. I like the hebrew nationals, scrummy.

  4. Hi Anne... miss you! What a fun trip and you were the perfect cabinmate!! I think all you readers need to know that Anne woke up early nearlt every day, ordered room service coffee and made fabulous bullet proof coffee for us and our to adjoining cabinmate, Becky and Kim... what a way to wake up! I, for one, felt very spoiled!
    Thank you for for helping make the LCC so much fun for me!


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