25 May 2012


Went to see Kristin Chenoweth  (link)
Very funny, cute, talented - 
Very good stuff, indeed!

She was at the Winspear in Dallas..
The show went till 11 pm!

With all the hours I've been working,
And then staying up all night seeing Wicked Divas,
I morphed into an old - but cute - 
Toothless Sailor type...

And then when I went home, 
I set the alarm, and it went off right away.
Time to get up!   Inconceivable!

No getting past the monolith...
It knows all...
Back to reality soon... soooooon, I hope!


  1. I loved Kristin in the first season of Pushing Daisies. I've seen her on various shows and she appears to be a little dynamo.

  2. Yeah, Pushing Daisies was terrific. And you snuck in a sci-fi reference. I give that thumbs-up. (As I do Chenoweth, who is ADORABLE!)

  3. Oh that Chenoweth...nice to see you having fun!

  4. I really like her too. She's a very talented lady.


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