15 May 2012

yuk to the yuk yuk yuk

I par-boil the chicken -
Looks better once it cooks a bit, eh?

Goodness - Miss Goldy has a large breast!
This one is 400 grams... 14 ounces!
That is like 30 grams of fat and 120 grams of protein!

Still love the baby foam rollers

Bacon 3 days a week

Bought a freezer from a guy on craigslist....
A guy who does CrossFit, no less!
This will help soooo much with buying better amounts
of beef and stuff...

Off to CrossFit -
So many things are good in my little world!

Got my little heart rate up there for CF...
I don't have my "land legs" and the room is still spinning!
Plus, living in the lap o luxury for a week -
The first day back is always the hardest.


  1. Where did you get those breasts? I've heard that there are those mega CAFO type places where they breed Frankenchickens in order to get all breast and nothing else...not something I'd want to eat! I get my chicken as local and as kind as possible...

  2. Those are some breasts! At least a DD! What would we do without Craigslist?? Enjoy your day...

  3. Yay to a new freezer and yay to CrossFit!!!


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