17 May 2012

what is the best way to get from ny to la?

Skin for days.... work it on out!
The best way to get from New York to Los Angeles?
Any way you want to get there....
As long as you get there.
If you are not getting there -  it is probably not the best way!

Just an example of getting from "Point A" to "Point B"...
Everyone has a fav route...and the "right way"  
is the way that works! In things like diet, work-outs,
Carbs, no carbs, and sweet potatoes. Or lack thereof.
I know that for me - pulling m own sweet tooth -
WAS and still IS the only way for me to "get there!"

Chopped Sirloin with Sauerkraut

A Salad with my own home made Dressing.
Medium Chain Triglycerides with Balsamic Vinegar
(equal amounts).... then add a dash of Mrs Dash...
To make little bits of flavor... And I added a pinch
(just a pinch) of Splenda to take the top note off
and make it edible...I am trying to pull my sweet tooth - yes!
BUT the food shouldn't bite ya back!

Stocking the new freezer -

Made room for things like Ice and Broth and
Stew - I tend to make a roast once a week or so....
And have some broth every day or so...
Also - what is the use of storing left overs -
If you can't find them?

Love ya - mean it!

I am a true Dallas aficionado... Gosh! I love it soooo!
There is no reason I love it; I just do.
That's why I don't live elsewhere!


  1. Yeah, me too. I mean, about loving Dallas.

  2. I doubt I will ever get to visit Dallas... it's such a long way from New Zealand!
    I agree about how one gets from 'A' to 'B'... each to their own eh.

  3. "...what is the use of storing left overs -If you can't find them?"

    LOL! A few months ago we bought a larger chest freezer. We can take advantage of sales, and now there is more places for stuff to hide. :-D

  4. There are many paths to the top of the mountain. See you at the top!

  5. My skin does that too :( Oh well, loved the Dallas picture. Have a great weekend.


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