08 May 2012

sea sick

Food food food on a cruise

Breakfast - still love Zero Carb

Had my fill of salads

Mitochondria Elevator

Tons of food

Sugar -free cheese cake and sf ice cream in the coffee

Actually fot a little Sea Sick tonight....
Might have been being overwhelmed!

Wake up to this - the view from the cabin

And to all a good night!


  1. vacation huh?! hope you're having a great time :)

  2. Anne, have a great time on your trip! By the way, loved the kilt!

  3. LOL at mitochondria elevator!!

  4. I hope that sea sickness was fleeting.
    Such stunning sunset photos!! And that morning pic... the air looks pristine blue with those cheerful puffy little clouds dancing along the horizon. Nope... no time for stuff like sea sickness. Boo, go away. Anne has more playin' to do!

  5. Hope you are feeling great now! It looks like it in the horsie picture! Love the views!


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