09 May 2012

Jamaica, mon

Drive, Ride and Walk Good

No Naked Light

Wanted me to sneak him a Hamburger, mon...

Went to the country side  - way up in a mountain

Which was near the beach

Rode the Horses

In the Ocean

Took a  picture.... the other one was a body shot -
The ARMS got me.... Too big and pale!
Me in a SwimSuit! 


  1. I miss Jamaica too...I was there about a million years ago.

    Looks like so much fun...especially the horsie ride!

    Miss you!!!

  2. Hey--- whatcha doing knocking pale? I'm pale and proud! :D

  3. The ocean is gorgeous and so is your skin. Don't forget the sunscreen.

    Love the horseback riding in the ocean. Never thought of that before.

    Keep having FUN!!!

    xo jj

  4. What quirky signs. :-)
    And love Hamburger Man's shirt!


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