27 May 2012

memorial day

Went to the Meyerson to see a concert

Marvin Hamlisch conducted the Dallas Symphony - 
Lots of fun - that guy!

Lots of good food all week...
The busier I get - the tighter my food gets...
I eat much less when I am stressed...
Who knew, eh?

I still think of myself as Zero Carb -
With salads

Not really Zero Carb at al now, is it?

Hmmmm. Snack time.
Butter and a Monster Drink

A Bike Race in Uptown

My best "Are You Kidding Me?" face
Busy busy busy - did I mention BUSY?

Lots of Memorial Day movies on TV
For all the VETS! Yay!


  1. Are you kidding me?
    Are you kidding ME????


  2. Butter as a snack? Hmmmm - nope, can't do....love it on some green beans or broccoli though -LOL!

  3. Butter snacker here too. I love butter snacks !!

    Best wishes from Berlin,

  4. You are joking, right? an entire stick of butter!

  5. You are funny too. Busy after a great vacation. When my ex left six months ago, I found myself alone in the house and found my way to the kitchen over and over, eating just because. Now I am working on ridding myself of the unwanted pounds. I eat when I am stressed.

  6. Butter , ah pure energy AND CLA!!!!

  7. LOL - Karla.... not the whole stick....
    not at once, at least!
    But it DO make a great snack!

  8. All of all ... but butter for a snack ... HOW? :0

  9. Buttah makes it all bettah! I second the yay to all the vets!!!

  10. Hi Anne, I just caught up on all your posts and reread your vacations one too. Sounds like life is good for you and Dallas is as beautiful as ever.

    I love me some butter but I've never had it as a snack! All your food looks delicious. Great on the new freezer! That will make shopping much easier and more cost effective.

    You look so gorgeous and suntan from your holiday, peeling is just part of the fun... kinda.

    Lots of great music the past few deals. YEAH! I know how much you enjoy it.

    Keep having fun and feeling good. xoxo jj

  11. I wish I was out having as much fun as you.


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