19 May 2012

no title

Filling that freezer up with meat...
Looks like a frozen bat - it's not!

Got ice cube trays... fancy ones... 

Take my coffee and soup to work

Take my ice and water
I love ice this summer - suddenly!

A few salads a week -
Balsamic Vinegar and MCT Oil dressing

Eggs and Bacon

Steak and Bacon
That's a Red Pepper Slice and some Grilled Onions

Steak Soup -
Broth and a hint of Parmesan Cheese

Peeling arms... there goes my tan/burn
This post has no title - 
Because no title can contain the awesomeness
of an almost all meat-diet!
And how it makes a person feel.
I am working close to a million hours a week.
Not quite - but close.
And when you love what you do, 
AND you have healthy good nutrition,
It seems to be effortless!


  1. #1 I love the title :)

    #2 I believe you would try bat, if given the chance ;)

    #3 Your posts always make me hungry.

  2. Love the peeling arm! Mine did the same our last summer.

  3. Hey Anne. Just finally got caught up with your vacation and now home. Your cruise looked awesome, wonderful, fun, tasty, beautiful and more. Thank you for sharing. Sorry I'm a bit late...haven't spent much time on my computer just dealing with life right now.
    Take care Anne. Love that life is good and you are happy and healthy. Blessings!!

  4. Ah, bat. I hear it tastes just like chicken... !

    I copied down your little rotating meats weekly eating idea... am "thinking" about doing it.
    Think... think... think...

  5. Good for you, Anne for carrying on with your plan in spite of being so busy at work. When I have too much to do, I always slip. It takes some intense concentration on my part to stick to the plan. I guess I need to stick to it consistently for a while to make it second nature. Too much going on right now.

  6. Don't think there's much meat on a bat lol. Hope you're not really working a million hours :) Glad you're doing ok though. I'm way behind on my reading still have to read about your vacation :)


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