23 May 2012

diet fail

Steak and Bacon is good for ya...
Well, it's good for me!

Is it really Grass-Fed?
"Pastured"... what a play on words.
The cows are grass fed till they reach 800 pounds. (link)
Then they get fattened up on grains... 
up to 1600 pounds! 
Grain FINISHED.... but in a pasture?

Grilled everything. Ground Beef... 
Hebrew National Beef Hot Dog, Avocado,
and Grilled Sauerkraut!

A good lunch on the go!
My lower fat experiment was soooo horrible 
SO BAD - that I had to stop it after one day.
I'd rather do some Intermittent Fasting
Than drop the fats when I do eat.
My body just can't take the low fat venue.

Of course, protein shakes are a good low fat, low carb meal...
So it accomplishes the same thing. Especially in summer.
I've been doing this from the start. My body likes it very much!
And now that I am working 2 jobs, I do have a shake every day...
Beats not eating at all!

Before and After the Low Fat Experiment
The Protein Shakes accomplish the same thing.
And I've been putting out ketones 24/7.
So it's working for me!

That, and I am busy as a Bee!
Hope your day is great!


  1. Since low fat is what got me fat to begin with, I'll never do that again! Give me low carb any day! Make that everyday and for the rest of my life & that makes me a very happy lowcarber! :)

  2. I thought of you when I saw a Maxine comic saying "whoever said nothing tastes as good as being skinny feels has obviously never had bacon"

    I though"but, but, but, you CAN have bacon, just ask Carb tripper" lol

  3. You are definitely one to watch Anne H.! Way to go. I've never tried avocados on the grill...hmmmm. The hubs will be grilling some Johnsonville Brats this Friday, I think I'll have him throw some avo's on there! YUMMO.

  4. Winner! Whatever works for u stick with! I personally get ill if i am high fat.... but i can eat way more protein than most people my size! What kind of shakes do u like? I used to love metrx bck in the day.... micellylar caseein protein. Very ffilling but id take 2 or 3 servings at once!

  5. There is no failure, Annie, only failure to experiment. You know a little bit more about yourself. Hang in there, Sweet Cheeks!

  6. one thing for sure you know your body better than anybody. good to be able to comment here again. two jobs, i have to catch up. hugs. enjoy

  7. Yikes... thanks for the heads up on the natural/grass fed/grain finished play on words. I didn't know! :-O

  8. Well you certainly are getting loads of protein. And you look fabulous,btw!,

  9. Low fat and low-carb is not optimal. So glad you figured it out right away. I could get technical here, but it's late. Been a while since I visited. Good to see you are fine. :)

  10. I stopped paying any attention to fat. I have to stay wheat free and gluten free and that works for me. Your steak and bacon meal is how I eat. I enjoy seeing your pics of what you prepare. Good for you.

  11. Rabbit starvation is for the birds !..... back to nourishing habits!


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