14 May 2012


Went to work today - Monday  - 
No food in the house.... went shopping...
The whole place was rocking - by the way...
As in "back and forth" like on the ship!

Steaks are good... with Buttah on them

Still love the so-called Bullet-Proof Coffee....
We Low Carb people need to clean up out language
before the next cruise... we have Fat Bombs and
Bullet Proof Coffee...lol!

Stepped on the scale... Did not gain a pound.
I love to take trips (hence the name of the blog, eh?)
And go really low carb - and come back all tight and tanned.
We'll know more when I do my CF numbers for May.

Lots of unpacking and laundry...
Busy times! I had some sleep to catch up on, as well.
On the drive home, I was hatching a plan.
A dietary plan. I love the Zero Carb....
But I also do like a good salad.

I've worked out a little plan that has lower fat
a few days a week... I guess you could call it Fat Cycling!
It still stays LoCarb... or Very LoCarb...
And still stays low PUFA!
So it's a dream come true for me!
Details to follow.
Now if I could just get the room to hold still!


  1. I will be eagerly watching for your new plan to evolve. I'm glad you had such a good time on your cruise. I knew you would. :)

  2. I love vacations :) Glad you had fun. I had fun just reading about how you had fun :P

  3. Hey, I think I missed something here - what is "bullet proof coffee"? When my family went on a cruise, and afterwards we stayed at a hotel, we all could have SWORN the hotel was tilted!LOL!

    Me love salads too :)

    1. Miss Lucy -
      The BP Coffee is just this: Coffee with Butter in it!
      Also I use Medium Chain Triglyceride Oil (MCT)...
      And whip it up with a frother... AeroLatte!
      I use my own coffee... but they say the stuff the guy sells
      on his site is the bomb dot com. At $25 a pound, it better be!
      Just saying!

  4. The one and only time I went on a cruise, the room was rockin (especially when I was on the treadmill) for a good two weeks! Hope it dissipates fast...

    And good on ya for no weight gain :-)

  5. Question, if you are doing NO CARB .. how do you get all the vitamins/minerals your body needs?
    I'm glad you didn't have a gain on your cruise, that was rather well done!

  6. I can remember going shopping and the room a rocking!!
    So glad your back :)


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