04 June 2012

a fib

I've had a pretty hard week... working alot

Got to have a treat this week... 
In N Out - Protein Style ... it's a wrap!

No more glass of wine with dinner...

When I am under stress I eat less!
I thought I would eat more. 

Some salads... harder to go zero carb right now
Because there were a few days I didn't eat at all!
I actually heard the phone ring, and felt my heart skip a beat.
Then I went into A Fib.
Have not been in A Fib since I started Atkins in 2009.
Now it's back.... just for now, hopefully!

Hope every one is having a great week -
I am really trying to take it easy..
in the little space between my two ears.
Om om om !


  1. I hope the afib goes away. I also have frequent bouts of irregular heartbeat. It's a royal pain in the A__!

  2. Well that's scary! Take care of yourself now.

  3. Yes please take it easy, hope you get to feeling better.

  4. Hmm, protein style in & out. That might have to go on my menu plan for next week.

  5. Heart palps here too, hope to ditch the toperal someday. Get plenty mag v potass! Feel better!

  6. Take good care of yourself my friend!

  7. Keep on breathing...in and out, in and out...rinse and repeat. Stay well my friend!

  8. Hope you're feeling better today. Sometimes we can't avoid the stress (as in driving 1500 miles in record time, UGH) but trying to relax today. :)

  9. I'm not sure what a fib is, but it doesn't sound like fun. Hope you are feeling great today!!

  10. Yikes, That doesn't sound fun at all.


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