15 September 2019

lovely day

Sleep. So elusive. 

Someone hid the new pads away 
under some junk in the closet. 
They’re the wrong size. 
They were delivered 5 August. 
I found them yesterday. 
Too late to exchange. 
Such passive-aggressive shit 
I have never seen 

This is a plunger  (stopper)
in the bottom  of a med bottle. 

Swine just left it there. 

This is how the other nurses 
put away the laundry. 

See that ?
That’s a cap that goes 
on the outside of this suction canister.
  NOT the inside. 
They honestly scare me. 

It’s like working with convict toddlers. 
Who don’t care and don’t want to change. 

In fact, they seem to thrive on mayhem. 

Tic Tac Toe
The bad nurses lose. 

Dear Darling Bed:
I love you. 
I miss you. 
I think about you often during the day. 
The only thing that gets me by sometimes 
Is knowing that we will soon be together. 
I can’t wait to see you! 

Pony up 

So I got my dream.
It was like a vision. 

It was in the future ,
Me taking care of this boy. 

In a way, it would be unfair
To expose the un-ethical behavior 
Of this bad nurse- 
And just leave him. 

I’ll still take month long vacations. 
I just may not (or I may)
Do traveling nursing. 

Either way, I’ll travel. 
Either way, I’m good.  

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