07 September 2019

good ole days

Short turn-around at work. 
I slept on a mat in a loft. 
It was so good! I felt great. 

The exact moment I realized 
That I can never eat another 
Fast Food Hamburgder...
And the exact moment 
I realized I don’t ever have to. 

When I’m done with something 
I’m gone. I ghost it. 
I try 3, 4, 10, 100 times. 
But then I quit 
If I realize I’m 
Not being well-received. 

I’d rather fast. 

My artsy shot.
I call it:
“Trekkie Through The Lights”
Now available for framing. 

It seems to perfectly capture 
the mood of the night nurse. 
The common laborer, watching 
Over her charge until the wee hours. 

And very happy to get a little OT! 

On display all month 
On blogs near you. 

I’m so glad for Low Carb. 
I have more energy 
Than I did when I was 30. 

Well... when I was 30...
I was pretty sad and messed up. 
Just saying. 

Now off for some Herbs
And some fresh hot Cofeve. 

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