27 September 2019

ct scan

I guess if you get tired enough 
You sleep. 

Walked in to this. 
No gloves on the house at all 

Lorenzo’s Oil. 
Life changing. 

Reuben Chaffle. 
Added Brown Mustard to the Chaffle. 
Sauerkraut, Pastrami, 1000 iIsland. 
Swiss Cheese. 

This looks like a movie about Africa 
Or something. Sub Station. 

Nice little town. 
Went to pick up a serger there. 
I love Marketplace. 

Put it all behind ya
And drive on. 

Stuck in traffic 90 minutes. 
Might as well eat. 

So my CT Scan came back.
No kidney stones! 
But I do have an ulcer. 
Which I already knew. 

Time to heal. 

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