05 July 2018

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My 14 day stretch is done. 
Almost no traffic last night coming home. 

Got my steps in. 

Fasted. Hydrated. 
Good to go! 

My fave go-to meal. 
Pinot Noir with a
Double Quarter Pounder With Cheese. 
This time I ate the bun. 
Just because I can. 
Or can I?

A “quiet” evening sitting on the porch
Listening to fireworks 
And maybe some gunshots now and then. 

Woke up at 6 am sharp. 
I wanted to sleep in. 
But my body was having a problem. 
I threw up so hard and so much! 
750 ml of undigested food and purple wine. 
I didn’t feel sick, I had no pain. 
I just threw up hard! 

Then I got cold. 
Cold like get under the covers. 
Cold like Reynuads Phenomenon. 

I’m fine now, BUT
I think I’ve been asking for trouble
But not strictly limiting my carbs. 
Especially bread. 

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  1. Yikes, sorry to hear about your GI turmoil! When I indulge in refined carbs, I pay the price w/bloat & indigestion as my body grows more insistent upon having things “Her Way”.


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