07 July 2018

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Waiting for Sushi, 
I met this happy baby
Who wanted me to take him her or it 

From the pet store 
Next to Oishii’s. 

I finally “won” a staring contest 
With my 2 freaking cats. 
I feed them raw meat.
I have for almost a year. 
We have all but completely 
phased out the dry food. 

But they went on a 2 day hunger strike
After they knocked down and devoured 
Half a carton of Greenie Treats! 
After that, they would not touch the raw meat. 

“Go ahead!” Quoth I ...
“I’ll just Fast with you!” 

Keep in mind the food I give them is
Pork Tenderloin, Ribeye, 
Chicken Breast
And other things when I can get it. 
Like Lamb and Bison and Rabbit. 
My gosh.
They eat better than I do. 

Come out wherever you are! 

This won’t hurt (me) a bit! 

More slime in the hair. 

Family brought me a cup of tea. 
It’s just Black Tea like Lipton’s
And it already has the milk. 
Many many many families have a cup of tea 
around 4 pm. Tea time! 

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