01 July 2018

happy first

What light through yonder window breaks? 

It is the East. 
And I went and overslept! 
I guess that’s bound to happen
 now and then. 

Poor table. Propped up. 

I would wear these. 

I found this humorous! 

I got some bad vibes 
from some people on Facebook. 
All they want to to is fight. 
And extolling the virtues of 
The President of the Electoral College. 
For whom I have little enthusiasm 
and even less respect. 

There is no reasoning with some of them. 
Logic or emotion- they want no part of it. 

I can’t stand that! 
I just walk away. 
That’s where the introvert 
vs extrovert thing comes in. 

I’ve lived alone for 95% of my adult life. 
I work in solitude. 
25 of my 30 years as a Nurse 
Has been One-on-One. 
Usually in a dark and quiet room. 

I’m not gregarious;
I’m very anxious. 
But fasting has helped. 
I’m no where NEAR 
As bad as I once was. 

July feels like a fresh start. 

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