13 July 2018

poor Trekkie

Anymore this is my expression 
Before I open the door 
To see if my car is still there. 
Poor Trekkie was broken into- again. 
They took some kitchen items 
I had bought for a case I once had. 
They have no knives or cutting boards. 
So I got them some. 
Well- no more, I guess. 

Dallas Police Department 

 Typically it works like this:
The Officer files a report,
And a separate group checks it. 
If any corrections are needed, 
They send it back. 
The Officer does his thing
Or her thing 
And sends it back to QA. 
Very much like Nurses Notes. 

Well. They lost mine.
The first part. But not the second part. 
So I’ve been driving around in a stolen vehicle! 
My own stolen vehicle. 
3 hours at the Police Station 
Cleared it up. Mostly. 

Put in a car alarm. 
State of the art. Viper. 
This costs a weeks pay. Nearly. 

Again with the Schadenfreude

The stress - the constant 
Fight or Flight
Raised my BG nearly 30 points. 

Ketones levels still good 
but not like they were before this happened. 

Here’s me not happy at all.  
Just in case you want to know. 
Still fasting. 


  1. And. As if that’s not all. I also missed the last day of the Ruth Bader Ginsberg movie.
    Being this busy is taking a toll on me.

  2. Yikes! That’s enough to inspire... Paranoia if nothing else?!?
    Is your neighborhood being targeted?

  3. P.S. Actually the RBG movie is still showing at the Magnolia (Uptown) - it is excellent, we saw it a few wks ago. Gonna go see the triplets movie (Three Identical Strangers) to get out of the heat this afternoon.

  4. Val! I’m so glad you mentioned that! I’ll definitely go see it this week. Sounds perfect!


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