06 July 2018

3 little weeks

I’m always amazed at how time goes by. 
So freaking slow and yet- so fast. 

3 weeks till vacation. 
Working that extra day really
Kicked my ass. 
I need to remember this
Next time they ask me. 
As a bonafide empath, 
I tend to forget the bad parts
And jump right back in. 
Trekkie is safe and sound 

Birthday presents coming up
For my favorite human. 
My little teeny baby! 
These are crawl mats. 

I’m doing Snake Juice again 
After I was so sick yesterday. 
Probably fast all weekend. 
It’s not possible 
That the scale doesn’t move. 
And yet- here we are.
Still walking. 
Thinking about doing that twice a day. 
To build stamina for my trip. 

Too tired to be too excited! 

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