11 July 2018

therapeutic ketones

Blood Glucose 64

Ketones 3.5

From the Internet. 

Got my 5000 steps in. 
It felt like more. 

This is from this morning 
Blood Glucose 62 and 
Ketones 3.0

Weight 149 pretty dry. 
A glass of water weighs about a pound. 
Did you know? 
And old saying goes like this:
“A pint - a pound, the world around.”

You would think this would be purple. 
But it doesn’t even show a trace of ketones. 

And I am so cold, I’m shivering! 
This is happening every day. 
Mostly at home. In the early morning. 
Too cold in here. 

I had to put on a long sleeved shirt
Fro the shivering. 
Not happy about it. 
I should be happy about it. 

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