10 July 2018

stall breaker

Driving and crying. 
I felt like shit the past week. 
Brain fog. Depression. 
I need to flip the switch 
And get into ketosis. 
And quick! 

If you want to feel like death on a platter, 
Start a ketogenic diet
Without phasing in 
with a low carb diet first. 
The first 3 to 7 days are pure hell. 
This I know from experience. 

My BG is stable these days. 
Since 10 months of Snake Juice 
And Intermittent Fasting 
Have put my Diabetes 
in complete remission. 
So it should be easier
Without the wild swings.

In the early days of low carb, 
I would have wild swings 
From 50 to 300. 
Not so much anymore. 

I had a 3 Pound Swoosh overnight! 
It must be the Keto Flu. 
Or Induction Flu. 
It’s worse than drug withdrawals,
I am told. 

This is how I feel. 
Ready to be done. 
Still walking every day. 
I average 5000 steps. 
Still fasting. And having OMAD 
Carnivore Style when I do eat. 


  1. Being tired does not equal being depressed. Sometimes life is overwhelming. Sometimes, we need to rest body and soul.
    Take care of you my friend!

  2. True. I know I’m tired. And I think Keto Flu is one of those things that’s real enough when you’re going through it. Who knows what’s going on in our cells?
    I was ready to get in the car and keep driving. Far far away and restart my life. I was too tired to do anything but sleep. I put the car in park at a stop light, in case I fell asleep.
    Let’s just say it’s been one of the hardest weeks on my Low Carb Journey.

  3. Ugh everyone is quick to suggest drugs...sometimes we just need rest and relaxation.

  4. Courage! You are strong and self-aware, and the rest of us depend on your experience, knowledge, and smart-alecky take on low-carb. I hope by the time you read this, the crappy feeling is long gone.


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