25 May 2020

work a day

Thank goodness for Covefe

Spatchcock Chicken
For Eid. From my other family. 

Add some Cream Cheese
Or Sour Cream
And you’ll think 
“Wht don’t I cook more often?”

I found this game. 
It’s very relaxing. 
I can play when the boy is sleeping. 
It’s like a brain training game. 

Over the years, 
I’ve been up or down 
5 pound or even 15
-like when I broke my leg- 
And never worried on small bit. 

I am not worried now as well. 
Let’s see how fast I can drop weight. 

Summer once was 
Memorial Day to Labor Day. 
My mother had a fit 
Every time school was extended! 

I want to get back to walking
But I need the treadmill. 
Now that the guns are open...
We’ll see. 
Are we ready to go back? 
Texans are dropping like flies. 

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