06 December 2019

apology day

A wee bit high. 

Dallas’ Finest

All around Big D

So my assignment from my Life Coach 
was to observe for times
When I was being triggered. 
See what leads up to it 
And see how I felt about it. 

I went to work at the home of The Boy
And the place was a total mess. 
As usual. 
Nurses were late. 
As usual. 

And I was not upset at all. 
Not even a heartbeat. 
I simply did my work and 
Charted and cleaned and 
Did what needs to be done. 

I told the mom she needed
To talk to the other nurses. 
I’m not paid enough to negotiate 
Drama with Peers. 

The offending nurse 
Said something snappy
And I “read” her as being 
In need of recognition. 
Not just a person who is bitching. 
So I gave her the validation 
She was apparently craving
And she calmed down like a kitten. 

Craziest thing I’ve ever seen 
In my career. 

That’s how hospice case managers
Have to live their lives. 
Half walking on egg shells-
Half walking on a knife edge-
And giving away the credit 
For everything. 

And that’s OK. 

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  1. The biggest change in my life, and stress level, happened when I realised I can't control what people do/say to me. I CAN control my reaction and my reaction can be what serves me best. Freaking out, stressing, worrying - was not serving me best. So I stopped doing that and became very neutral. Your approach is great!


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