26 May 2019

running dog club

4 years ago I joined the prestigious 
Running Dog Club. 

I was knocked down by 3 Pit Bulls 
And a Doberman. 
Running full speed. 
During a job interview 
As a Dog Walker. 
Worst job interview ever! 

I haven’t walked the same since that hour. 

Something like this happened. 

Tibial Plateau Fracture 
Torn ACL, MCL, 
And meniscus. 

The good folks at the VA 
Sent me home with an ice pack and crutches
And 8 Tramadol. And told me to cut them in half. 
To make them last longer. 

Over 2 years later I could do this. 
Finally could walk up stairs. 
Without having to scoot on my butt. 
Or take them one by one. 

Halloween I went as Dr House. 

2015 and 2019. 
My eyes are bluer. 

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