25 May 2019

my darling my hamburger

I have decided to get rid of 
all things that hurt me. 
Even if it takes decades to show up. 
Sadly, this means my beloved Monsters.
They’re teenage junk. 

I’ve said this before. 
But now I think I can do better. 

Thinking ahead to the 50 year reunion. 

Where will I be in 10 years?
Will I be healthy?
Will I even be alive!??
We’ve already lost many Owl Pals
Before their time. 

I trust Keto long term. 
And fasting. 

Taking my walks and activity rings seriously. 
And my sleep. 

I ordered some ear buds
For walking.  I love to walk with music. 
And I need to take advantage 
If the technology upgrades. 
More to come- when they arrive! 
I put the watch on the charger for a few minutes. 
And woke up like 6 hours later! 

So the warning shot was
 Not even across my bow. 
I’m not often the smartest person in the room 
(Just ask - everyone thinks 
they’re smarter than I am!)

But I’m smart enough to learn 
from other people’s mistakes! 

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  1. Since I live in co-housing, and not with family, I wrote my own obituary today! It’s very humbling.


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