05 May 2019

naff pantomime

No wonder I’m tired. 
I died in my sleep. 
Then woke up early.  

Ramadan is upon us. 
The family ordered pizza. 
I got myself wings. 

Some people can have the bites. 
They can have the licks. 
I can’t. I gain. 

I’ll stick with my protein. 

Guess how many carbs? 
A grape has one carb per. 

Dried dates have 18 carbs each. 

Basics. Every day. 
Not much variety. 
Too boring? 
Maybe. But also
The results are predictable. 

Lol. Don’t cry over spilt milk. 
But spilt coffee? Yes! 

My family member said “thrice”!
As in “...do something thrice!”

Silly, but it made my day. 

So I still have to unpack. 
The company I work for 
Never returns calls. 
They don’t communicate. 
They don’t know I’m taking 
2 days off staying tomorrow. 

The headaches are back. 
I think it has to do with the tablet. 
We wrote our notes on a tablet. 
I can’t turn the brightness down. 

Yeah. That’s it. 
The tablet! 

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