26 May 2019

drunk with blood

The best sleep is always 
right before the alarm. 

Stopped at Grandy’s 
to get Cinnamon Rolls for the gang. 
They were left over from last night-
Cold, stale, and had no frosting. 
I complained. Bitterly. 

I’m actually surprised 
Roaches didn’t crawl out
From the containers. 

Then, the Night Nurse was a 
No Call / No Show
If I had done that,
I would be fired. 

Why they keep such crappy nurses 
Is an embarrassment to us all. 
It does no good to complain. 
The replacements they send
Are much worse. And untrained. 

The family brought Ramadan Food. 
This is Goat. “Not too spicy.”
My mouth has third degree burns. 
They just don’t taste the he spice. 
It’s in there. Big time! 

So when everything goes wrong 
All at once
In such EPIC proportions- 
What can you do? 

I plan. 
I get a pen and paper. 
Or a brand new journal. 
And I brainstorm. 
I do my very best planning 
when I’m mad. 
The madder I get, 
The better the plans are. 

PS. Hemingway 
Never said that.
So they say

Anger is a feeling I rarely have
Because I handle things 
Instead of getting mad. 
And since I’m at the bottom end of the 
Food chain, I end up just dealing with it. 
In a word, it does no good to get mad. 
Because I have absolutely no authority. 

So - off to plan the next 5 years! 
I think I need some traveling money. 

I would love to be able to open up
A cute little Pot Shop
When the time is right. 
Since I’m not a user,
I wouldn’t be tempted 
to eat the profits! 

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